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Unleash your potential with ABEPOG resources

Abepog offers a comprehensive range of resources to support Black entrepreneurs in the Ottawa-Gatineau region at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. We organize networking and collaboration events, we offer personalized advice from experts in business management, marketing, finance and growth strategies. We also offer media content creation services to increase business visibility.
Our training and mentoring programs adapt to the needs of young entrepreneurs and even include legal advice and strategic support. We also highlight the inspiring stories of other entrepreneurs to motivate the community. Our personalized service is designed to meet everyone’s unique needs, no matter where they are in their startup or development process.


Why use our resources?

At Abepog, we believe that every entrepreneur deserves to succeed. That’s why we’ve created resources to give you the tools you need to turn your ideas into reality. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your business, our partners and initiatives are here to support you every step of the way.


Ottawa Black Business Alliance (Obba) is a platform that brings together black entrepreneurs in the region. Its mission is to provide a strong support network, collaboration opportunities and resources for business development. Through Obba, you can access workshops, networking events and expert advice to scale your business.

Bia Media

Bia Media is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility and media impact. She specializes in creating high-quality content, including videos, podcasts, and social media management. With Bia Media, you can tell your story in an impactful way and reach a wider audience.


Preneuruim is an essential tool for entrepreneurs looking for essential information to start a business. This portal offers resources tailored to the unique challenges faced by new entrepreneurs. Whether to obtain legal advice, follow business management training or benefit from mentoring, the Preneuruim Portal is there to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

The Griot In Me

The Griot in me, is an initiative that celebrates the stories and experiences of black entrepreneurs & professionals. By highlighting inspiring stories and lessons learned, this platform aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of entrepreneurs. Share your story, learn from others and find inspiration to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

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At Abepog, we believe in the power of commitment and talent. Whether you are looking to volunteer your time, gain experience through an internship, or join our team full-time, we have opportunities for you. Discover how you can contribute to our mission and advance your career with Abepog.

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