As an incubator focused on the advancement of the African, Caribbean and diaspora community, ABEPOG is committed to welcoming a growing number of students from diverse nationalities. This cultural variety, coming from different origins and varied backgrounds, represents a real source of enrichment both for individuals and for the community. It stimulates the development of intercultural openness in our students and strengthens their ability to evolve effectively within an environment characterized by a multitude of perspectives.

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Meet Qwame He is one of Our international Ambassadors

Qwame is a professional accountant and business owner in Nigeria. His expertise and hard work help small businesses across Africa strive. 




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ABEPOG greatly benefits from the essential support of hundreds of ambassadors from diverse backgrounds, who mainly play the role of volunteer advisors during the working sessions. This collaboration with deeply engaged individuals within their communities strengthens campaigns by leveraging their expertise, leading to a significantly improved chance of success.