The integration program aims to facilitate international students’ academic and social adjustment by providing a comprehensive training structure. This program introduces them to societal and civic life, striving to aid their seamless assimilation into their new environment. It encompasses a wide array of topics, including Canada’s socio-political structure, institutional workings, the intricacies of the banking system, and the dynamics of the job market in the National Capital Region. Traditionally scheduled annually before the academic year, usually in July-August, this program offers adaptability, with options for in-person, online, or hybrid participation. Its promotion is integrated into the recruitment campaign, highlighting its significance as a crucial element for success in academic and professional endeavors in Canada. This approach encourages students to arrive by late June to start the training in July. However, for those unable to arrive before July, a virtual training option will be made available.

Module 1
  1. The Influence of Geography on Employment
  2. Historical Background and Core Values
  3. Policies and Operations of Institutions
  4. Consumer Economy
  5. Personal Finances – Income Tax Filing
  6. Cultural Diversity and Bias
  7. Inter-Canadian Relations; Competencies for Achievement

Module 2
  1. CNP – National Occupational Classification
  2. Life Assessment
  3. Portfolio Development
  4. Resume (CV) and Cover Letter
  5. Composition of Official Documents
  6. Personal Presentation

Module 3
  1. Generations in the Workplace
  2. Corporate Cultures
  3. Transactional Analysis
  4. Regional Employers
  5. Employer Expectations and Requirements
  6. Job Solar System – Personal Employment Network
  7. Interview Techniques
  8. Active Job Search – Networking
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