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Program Overview:
EmpowerTech is a community-driven initiative designed to empower members of the Black community with vital digital skills essential for success in today’s tech-driven world. The program focuses on providing accessible and culturally relevant digital education to bridge the digital divide and create avenues for career growth and entrepreneurship within the Black community.

Program Objectives:
  • Provide comprehensive digital literacy training tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by the Black community.
  • Equip individuals with practical digital skills necessary for employment, entrepreneurship, and personal development.
  • Foster a supportive learning environment that celebrates diversity, encourages creativity, and promotes innovation.
  • Cultivate a network of digitally skilled individuals who can contribute to the technological advancement of the community.

Curriculum Structure:
  • Introduction to Computers and Internet Usage
  • Online Safety and Privacy Awareness
  • Accessing Information and Digital Resources
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Email Communication and Online Collaboration Tools
  • Introduction to Social Media Management
Track A: Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Basics of Online Business Creation and E-commerce
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
  • Track B: Web Development Essentials
  • Website Creation Basics (HTML, CSS)
  • Website Management and Optimization
  • Introduction to Data Analytics and Interpretation
  • Email Communication and Online Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile Technology and App Usage
Program Components:
  • Community Workshops: Regular in-person workshops conducted within the community, led by experienced facilitators and industry experts.
  • Online Learning Hub: A centralized digital platform offering diverse digital resources, tutorials, and interactive modules accessible to participants.
  • Mentorship Network: Engage successful Black professionals in the tech industry to serve as mentors, providing guidance and support.
  • Practical Projects: Encourage participants to work on real-life projects that address community issues using their acquired digital skills.

Assessment and Recognition:
  • Continuous assessment through quizzes, assignments, and project evaluations.
  • Certificates of Completion awarded to participants who successfully finish the program and present their final projects.

Support and Sustainability:
  • Job placement support and entrepreneurship guidance for those seeking employment or starting ventures.
  • Collaborations with local businesses and startups for internship opportunities.
  • Partnerships with community organizations for resource-sharing and continued program impact.

Cultural Relevance and Sensitivity:
  • Curriculum and examples tailored to reflect the cultural context and experiences of the Black community.
  • Inclusion of diverse perspectives and historical context relevant to the community’s experiences with technology.

Promotion and Outreach:
  • Community-driven marketing campaigns utilizing local community leaders and influencers.
  • Social media engagement to amplify success stories and impact within the Black community.

Continuous Improvement:
  • Feedback loops and community surveys for ongoing evaluation and improvements to the program.
EmpowerTech aims to empower the Black community by providing culturally relevant digital education, fostering skill development, and creating pathways to success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
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