Work Initiation Program (WIP)

GET YOUTH acknowledges that there is a gap in employment experience for youth between the ages of 15 and 29 years old. It is a common complaint from youth who seek employment that “experience is required”, yet it is difficult to acquire that experience if they are not hired. As an organization, GET YOUTH is taking the steps to assist in meeting youths’ need for work experience via a youth employment program which not only compensates youth for their labour but most importantly educates them and helps them to enter the workforce competently.

GET YOUTH is an advocate for an increase in education in the trades sector. It is becoming more evident that there is a demographic of students who may not necessarily desire to attend university or college yet are still talented and exhibit a high level of hands-on skills. The trades industry, however has a stigma attached to it and thus, this student population is sometimes overlooked. GET YOUTH’s research shows that there is also a lack of education regarding work ethics, workplace attitudes GET YOUTH wishes to take the initiative to increase youth’s employability through both training and employment.

We at GET YOUTH are confident that developing a mutual partnership with Actions Interculturelles, would help to bridge the gap, youth are experiencing between education and gaining employment experience. Through a combination of on-the-job training and education in a classroom setting, youth will be engaged in work where they experience productivity and monetary compensation for their labour. They will also become more confident on the job due to their in-class employability training which will increase their awareness of the types of attitudes, behaviors and skills employers expect, and teach them essential skills and knowledge in entering the workforce.

GET YOUTH goal is to create a bridge between identifying which youth are in need of employment, and helping them actually obtain employment in their desired field.


Our vision for the GET YOUTH Work Initiation Program (WIP) is to utilize our partnerships to mentor students of African descent, ages 15-29 who are aspiring entrepreneurs, and students who wish to gain on-the-job training in the trades or business sector, prior to entering the workforce.

Program Description

WIP is also a development program that includes the local community and business partners who are immediately involved in community issues of prime importance. This program will encourage black youth to explore self-employment as a career option. Youth can access information, grants, support, skill development training, networking and business development through the various programs and services provided by GET YOUTH.


  • To provide our black youth the opportunity to explore careers in the government, financial and business sectors.
  • To encourage black youth to stay in school.
  • To help black youth gain confidence and self-respect.
  • To provide businesses with a rewarding experience through their involvement in the internship program.

Youth’s Role:

  • Maintain attendance at work and school
  • Maintain academic performance
  • Develop a good work ethic
  • Attend and participate in workshops
  • Become a positive role model for their peers and in the workplace

Employer’s Role:

  • Attend program orientation
  • Conduct interviews and select candidates
  • Provide training, supervision and mentoring
  • Attend internship graduation
  • Offer successful students a summer job
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