ABEPOG is a Canadian-based black-led non-profit organization focused on exploring and cultivating the professional development of current & future generations of black Canadian citizens within Canada’s National Capital Region by providing a platform for mentorship and training.



Looking for improvement in your journey to a better career? We aim to assist you along the way from building your resume to skill training, we are here to help. Contact us to learn more.


In collaboration with our partners, we are instituting practical, sustainable, and scalable initiatives that connect youth to valuable opportunities that emphasize a mix of technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial education. As a result, youth get practical guidance that equips them in conceiving their own opportunities (or initiatives), increase their career eligibility, and be instruments of change in their neighborhoods and across the country. 


We understand the critical role that ambitious professionals play in shaping our economy, our society and our country. That is why ABEPOG focuses on educational attainment, training, entrepreneurship and employment to equip our members with resources, exposes them to new opportunities and supports them in reaching their full potential regardless of their gender, ethnic/cultural background and/or orientation.

Join the Team

We are welcoming all who wish to contribute to our community

Our Mission

ABEPOG is committed to influencing the business and social culture of members of the black community.


Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

Build Your Knowledge and Improve Your Skills

ABEPOG recognizes the significance of preparing the next generation for the future and aims to provide all the necessary education and training for today’s youth to not only succeed, but to inherit the responsibility of cultivating a brighter tomorrow.

Education & Employment

With us, sourcing talent becomes as easy as recruiting in your local market. Through our platform, you gain access to multiple suitable candidates

Social Innovation

ABEPOG is working with the government and community organizations to develop an impact measurement standard for People of African Descent Social Enterprises

Entrepreuneuship Program

Young African Entrepreneurs Program is a 6-month funded intensive entrepreneurship, leadership and business training that provides young early-stage social entrepreneurs, with the resources they need to discover opportunities, unlock their potential and create impact in their local communities.

Online Digital Community

Though our online network, young profesionals and entrepreneur can be connected with others sharing interest in self-development.